Let the Good Times Roll

Loni and Markus are the two imaginative adventurers who make up Treibholz Designs. Their dream is to be working nomads, following their passions of travel and leather work!

Golden, BC
Spray Lakes, Canmore AB


We want to create a “Studio on Wheels” so we can create bespoke leather pieces, while being constantly fueled by the world around us. Our dream is to create Treibholz products from anywhere while being constantly re-inspired by what we see around us, creating limited-lines and one of a kind pieces.



Our adventure began 3 years ago while on the road in Australia. Treibholz started out there as hobby but has since been transformed into a business where we’ve been given the opportunity to supply our customers with quality, leather products all over the world. We’ve made sales online to far off places like Qatar, from crumbling factory markets in Germany, and even from our van on surf beaches of England. We’ve got a lot of passion about this project; we believe its not the four walls that contain a business to make it successful, but the drive and dedication with which its pursued.

bus fall 17.jpg


in March 2017, we ventured to Vancouver where we picked up our bus for the first. Its a 1992 International that’s been busing kids for its 25 years of life. Our goal is to have our bus ready for adventure for next spring, allowing us to start creating in our new studio while traveling over the summer!